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Flexy Box HD + Printer

October 14, 2017

AED 2,490.00 incl. VAT

Our combination of a photo booth with an event photographer – no need to make sacrifices with FlexiBox you get both. A photographer will take amazing photos which can be branded or designed with a frame layout and send by email or shared on social media. Printer included

What’s include:

  • price for 3 hours
  • frame design
  • screen design
  • photo print outs
  • download link of all photos
  • social sharing
  • direct photo emailing
  • one photographer
  • mobile tablet computer with touch screen
  • professional DSLR camera
  • high speed photo printer with flight case

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Bundle Options

If the three hour bundle is not enough for your event, book additional hours as needed You can adjust the extra hours later in your shopping cart or remove them.
flexy box photo booth with photo printer+
Price for all:   AED 2,890.00
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FlexyBox is the combination of a photo booth and a event photographer. You get all the benefits of a normal photo booth with the difference the box comes to you. Photos can be taken anywhere at the event and guest can print, send them to their email or upload them on social media instantly with FlexyBox. Even if you want the photographer to be only at one point, he can still do his magic and choose creative angles and interact with the guest which makes it much more lively and ensures the best photo results.

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